Shishikan Dojo

Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo

Instructor / Assistant Instructors


Senior Instructor – Tony Fletcher, Shihan 6th Dan

Assistant Instructor – Sensei Mark Slingo 4th Dan

Assistant Instructor – Sensei Peter Warren 4th Dan



(The following is an excerpt from Shihan Des Paroz website)

In 2011, along with Kyoshi Jim Griffin, Shihan Max Estens, Shihan Lesley Griffin and Shihan Des Paroz, Tony was a co-founder of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo, a unique school that teaches the old and new methods of Shorinjiryu, by way of the founder’s two main students, along with other training methods adopted by the school

Tony Fletcher Bio – 

In 1977, Tony commenced his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do (TKD) under Sensei John Tairea while in the Army stationed at Waiouru, NZ. In 1979, Tony was posted to Singapore and continued his TKD training in Singapore while on Army transfer

After leaving the Army and spending time in the Mines at Kalgoorlie WA, Tony returned to TKD training under Sensei Malcolm (Dutchy) Holland in Perth and in 1993 graded to Shodan.

In 1995 Tony moved to Darwin, opened and co-run Top End TKD with Sensei John Mosca and in 1996 graded to Nidan under Master David Burns, 6th Dan WTF TKD. This promotion was also Certified by the Kukkiwon, Korea.

While living in Darwin, Tony also joined the Judo Federation of Australia with his children, Kylie and Shane, training under Sensei Luke Ronland with the Larrakeyah Barracks Judo Club, graded in mudansha, qualified as a junior referee and assisted in teaching the junior classes. Tony also took a lead role in the administering of the club taking on the position of Secretary.

In 1998, Tony moved to Brisbane and was introduced to Shorinjiryu by a family member. After training and grading into the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo School under Shihan Jim Griffin, Tony established his dojo in 2005  opening Shishikai in Coorparoo

In 2008 Tony was Graded to Sandan by Hanshi Watanabe 9th Dan, Shihan Jim Griffin 6th Dan and Shihan Max Estens 6th Dan while under the Kenyukai Watanabe Ha Karate banner.

In 2011 Tony was Graded to Yondan by Kyoshi Jim Griffin, 7th Dan and Shihan Max Estens 7th Dan. Tony was also awarded the Title of Tasshi by the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Assoc Inc

In 2016, Tony was graded to Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt by the Chief Instructors, Kyoshi Jim Griffin 7th Dan and Kyoshi Max Estens 7th Dan. Also in attendance on the grading panel were Shihan Des Paroz 6th Dan, Shihan Lesley Griffin 6th Dan and Renshi Graeme Bowden 5th Dan.

In 2017 at the National Training Camp held at Coffs Harbour, Tony was awarded the Honourable Title of “Renshi” by Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo and presented by Kyoshi Jim Griffin, 7th Dan and Kyoshi Max Estens 7th Dan.

In 2022, Tony was graded to Rokudan, 6th Degree Black Belt at the Koshinkai Qld State Training Camp, by Chief Instructor, Kyoshi Jim Griffin 8th Dan along with Shihan Lesley Griffin 7th Dan. Tony was formally presented with his Rokudan Certificate at the Koshinkai National Training Camp in Coffs Harbour with Chief instructor Kyoshi Max Estens 8th Dan and National President of the ASKA, Kyoshi Des Paroz 7th Dan in attendance.

Tony was also awarded the Honourable Title of “Shihan” by the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo Association Inc and presented by Kyoshi Jim Griffin, 8th Dan and Kyoshi Max Estens 8th Dan.

Authorised Black Belt Degree Rankings and Awarded Titles

Koshinkai Rokudan Certificate

Koshinkai Shihan Certificate

Koshinkai Renshi Title

Shinzen Rokudan Certificate

Tony Fletcher – TKD Nidan