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Qld Shorinjiryu Training Clinic – Mar 14

An excellent Qld training clinic was held at Bribie Island Sunday 1st March. Members from Seiryukan, Shishikan and Kensuikan attended. A special note goes to Sensei Mark Slingo who drove down from Rockhampton in the early hours of the morning to train and drove back again.

Instruction was by Tasshi Tony with Sensei Mark as his uke with assistance by Kyoshi Jim. The days activities started out with a resounding warm up with Sensei Dee taking us through a myriad of warm up exercises. People were paired up and shuttle runs required touching the mat at each end with a finger while the other person was performing exercises, it was really strange that Kyoshi Jim found it difficult to actually touch the mat while his partner Tasshi Tony was in the push up hold position……

The training consisted of an in depth study and application of the self defence (goshinjutsu) moves from group two of the syllabus, directly correlating to the applications of kata Wankan. The group rotated during the day ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to practice with everyone. The training was broken up into sections of the applications then performing that part of the kata. It was a very informative session enjoyed by all.

At the end of each session, the students demonstrated to the class the applications they had learnt. The day finished with each student demonstrating the full self defence applications and then the complete kata of Wankan. Congratulations to everyone for an enthusiastic training day in hot humid conditions.

We all look forward to the National Training camp weekend in 4 weeks time at the end of March.